Where Do Ideas Come From?

If there’s one characteristic the entire human race shares, it’s creativity. To consider, debate and imagine is, at its core, human. It’s much like breathing; we think without actively choosing to do so, and ideas, whether genius or not-so-genius, are born as a result. 

Our day-to-day experiences serve as a catalyst for our ideas. Moments of inspiration, insight, passion, focus, anger and insanity drive us to dream. Life experiences cause us to innovate. Ideas may be borne from an array of experiences and emotions, but without fail, they come from one source – people. 

At Wray Ward, we refuse to put thought and innovation into a box. We live to create and to push boundaries. We recognize that compelling ideas cannot be tamed and demanded; but rather, that they are borne from collaboration and rich experiences. We’ve come to expect monumental ideas from unanticipated conversations and ideation sessions. In fact, it is through our combined energy and disciplined processes that we are free to unlock what’s truly special about our brands and share it with the world that inspired us.

Ideas are not simply a product of our existence, but rather an integral part of our identity. Learn more about what fulfills, connects and inspires us in the video below.

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